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Well… let’s cut straight to it – welcome to my new site! Today, the day in which my site and this blog post goes live, marks my 24th birthday, so today I am setting myself one goal this year – to achieve anything and everything I want to. Leading me perfectly to the arrival of my brand new site – Amy Jill Walker. A place where I can share with you everything that I know and love! So who am I and what do I do?

I am Amy and I am a 24 year old mum who is incredibly busy doing a whole lot of things! By day, not only am I a full time mum, but I am also a virtual assistant and owner of my family business. By night, I am a Psychology and Counselling student over at The Open University and a writer/content creator around positive psychology, mental health, productivity and planning!

Ever since I was young, I knew deep down that I wanted to make a difference. I knew that helping people was a part of who I was, and something that made me happy. I also knew that the systems that are in place within the fields of psychology seemed a little too negative for my liking. Whilst there seems to be plenty of support and medication to mask the symptoms of feeling low, I found that once you finished your counselling sessions, there was nothing to remind you how amazing you were at the end of it. Many current psychological treatments are there to focus on and fix the bad, rather than to bolster and empower the good which I believe is in everyone one of us. This is where positive psychology comes in!

Pair a positive mindset and positive energy together, and you are half way there to realising how special and unique you are, and totally ready to set some goals and get acting on them – this is where the planning comes in!

When I realised how well productivity, positivity and planning combined together, and realised that they all could be somehow applied to the positive psychology field, it felt like my own jigsaw puzzle started to come together. Which is why ladies and gentleman, I have started my journey today to becoming a Positive Psychologist, Coach and Planning Expert!

I cannot wait to share this journey with you!

Amy x

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